My Favorite Cleaning Solutions

My Favorite Cleaning Solutions

Being on a golf course for an entire day is bound to take its toll on your golf equipment and your clothes. I know it very well because it is not unusual for me to spend my weekends in this very pleasant manner. Besides getting a good workout, I get to enjoy my favorite sport. After that comes the not so nice part, which involves cleaning my clubs, my clothes, and my footwear. Bringing home mud from the golf course is not high on my list, no matter how much I love golfing. So, as you can easily imagine, I have become a bit of an expert at cleaning.


As far as my golf clubs are concerned, I think that a mild dish washing soap and warm water does the job just fine. Using a brush to get into all the grooves and making sure that there is no caked in mud remaining there has proved to be very efficient time and time again. However, from the conversations on the topic I have had over the years with other fellow golfers, I discovered that there are some solutions that work just fine.

For instance, the Simple Green is a great all-purpose cleaner that I use around the house, and, sometimes, when I find that my golf clubs are particularly dirty, for cleaning my equipment, as well. What I appreciate most about this cleaning solution is that, besides being highly efficient, it is also eco-friendly, so I do not have to worry about a lot of chemicals being thrown down the drain.


Some of my friends also use the Bar Keeper’s Friend, which is another all-purpose cleaning solution that works wonders on all kinds of surfaces. I used it, as well, and I am quite pleased with the results so far. However, if I am given a choice, I guess that the Simple Green is the best of the two. And let’s not forget that if you do not have anything else at your disposal, the classic combination of soap and warm water will always do the trick. Of course, some scrubbing will be involved, but your golf clubs will be sparkling clean and ready to use the next time.


I like to keep a clean house, too, and there are many occasions when I use the same cleaner for all the surfaces in the house. The Fantastik is a well-known brand that I believe many people are using for daily cleaning, and I am one of the fans, hands down. I like that this one works for the bathroom, the kitchen and any surface that needs cleaning, such as walls and floors. This solution really kills germs and bacteria and leaves your home smelling nice.



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