3 Great Movies I Recently Saw on Netflix

3 Great Movies I Recently Saw on Netflix


Netflix is an excellent choice when it comes to streaming services, and frankly, I don’t quite remember how I used to spend my evenings before Netflix came into my life. I am just kidding, I loved spending my evenings reading, and still do, but this streaming service allows me to enjoy some fascinating titles, so I skip my reading days once in a while, so I can watch a movie on my own, or together with my entire family. Now I want to tell you all about three movies I recently watched on Netflix.

Moonrise Kingdom is the first I will mention since I feel like romantic movies have yet to struggle in this day and age to continue to conquer hearts, which I find quite a shame. The genre is ready for new blood, so to speak, and I found the Moonrise Kingdom to be exactly what is needed for making people watch beautiful romantic movies once again.


The main intrigue consists of a simple fact. Two kids, a boy, and a girl decide to elope despite their age, and that sends their small town in an absolute frenzy. Search squads are organized and everyone, from big to small, seems to be involved in finding the two runaway lovers. Eventually, they are found, and the adults around them have to learn some things of their own from the innocent love the two kids share.


I am not going to tell you how the movie ends or why it is called the Moonrise Kingdom. I hope that I have enticed you enough to have you watch the film yourself.

While I cannot get my husband to watch sappy romantic movies with me, and the kids are too young for this genre, there is always something on Netflix that seems to help me get everyone rounded up in front of the TV. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl is one such movie, and I believe that Captain Jack Sparrow doesn’t need a special introduction. I thoroughly enjoyed this installment from the now very popular franchise and my kids, and my husband had a blast, too.


Ocean’s Twelve is the last movie I am going to tell you about in this small article. An action packed movie is always to my husband’s liking, and I like spending time with him while we both enjoy the characters’ ups and downs. While I think the sequel is somewhat a bit less exciting than its predecessor, I still believe that it is a great movie to watch, when you are in the mood for a blockbuster. It is, for sure, different than the first one, but still great, so I highly recommend it.

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