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Why I Prefer Stick Vacuums Over Canister Ones

Why I Prefer Stick Vacuums Over Canister Ones


A full house can be difficult to keep clean, but not if you have the right tools at your disposal. A vacuum cleaner is necessary for this day and age, but I know that it may be overwhelming to choose one model over others since they all seem to offer such great features. In this post, I want to tell you why I prefer to use a stick vacuum rather than a canister vacuum. I hope my arguments will convince you to give this type of vacuum a try.

First of all, I like the fact that I can clean while in an upright position. I do not have problems with my back, but trying to clean every day while bent from your waist can become painful pretty fast. With my stick vacuum, I only need to push it over the carpets and floors, and the operation is flawless and free of back pains. My kids are well behaved, and they know not to make a mess, but they are still kids, and that means that I need to clean quite often. My stick vacuum helps me keep my house clean, and for that I am grateful.


A stick vacuum has another great advantage in my eyes. It helps me with small cleaning task. Have the kids spilled some popcorn on the carpet when watching a movie? There’s no problem. I just grab my stick vacuum and clean the area where the spill happened, and I am done with it. A canister vacuum would be much too difficult to take out of its storage space and drag it across the room just for a small spill. A stick model is clearly an alternative I would take any day.


Another thing that I found to be beneficial when using a stick vacuum cleaner is that it is very efficient for cleaning hallways and areas where I have many carpets. Hands down, such a model is doing a much better job than a canister model, and I am finished with all the work in no time.

Some may argue that a stick vacuum is not as versatile as a canister model when it comes to what attachments you can use, but this is far from the truth. My stick vacuum comes with a crevice tool and a dusting tool which serves for cleaning up upholstery. This is pretty much everything I need my stick vacuum to do, so I have no complaints in this area. Plus, the vacuum cleaner I use can easily navigate around furniture so I can clean even the trickiest corners and have a thoroughly clean home that is safe for my family and me.



How to Clean Your Home like A Pro

How to Clean Your Home like A Pro

An immaculate home may seem like a difficult goal to reach, but if you focus on a few things and rules and follow them to the letter, everything becomes much easier. I am going to share with you now a few tips on how you can go about cleaning an entire home like a pro.

I will start with every day cleaning, for the mere fact that this makes things much easier in the long run. If you learn how to clean daily in an efficient manner, when you reach the point of a thorough cleaning session, you will notice that you will have a lot less work to do.

Here is a small routine I follow. I take all the dirty dishes and place them in warm water and detergent, where I leave them while I take care of the rest. I make all the beds, and I pick all the debris that happens along the way. I empty all the trash cans, so I can take the garbage out once I am finished with the daily routine. Afterward, I grab my faithful electric broom, and I clean all the floors fast and easy. I dust all the surfaces in each room and, in the bathroom, I use rubbing alcohol to sterilize, as well.


By the time I am done with all these, the dishes are well soaked and easy to wash. I finish the dishes, and I put them back in the kitchen cabinets where they belong. Another thing you can do, although you may not do it every day, is to run a short program on your washing machine with the items that do not need a lot of thorough cleaning.


Each room of the house has certain rules when it comes to cleaning. For instance, in the bedroom and the living room, you should make sure to first clean the ceiling, the corners and the walls of any cobwebs. Window blinds should be cleaned next, and working your way down, dust all surfaces and clean objects like ashtrays and lamp shades. The last thing you should do is vacuuming.

The bathroom needs a bit of extra care. The toilet bowl can be made sparkling clean with the help of a denture cleaning tablet, while the mirror can be simply cleaned with some newspaper pages, crumpled in advance. Remember to unclog the bathtub and the sink using a mixture of vinegar, salt, and baking soda.


Apply the same mixture in the kitchen sink, for easy unclogging. Pouring baking soda down the drain every week will help you get rid of clogs and will keep the pipes sanitized. Use a bit of vinegar when cleaning surfaces and the floors in your kitchen, and it will look sparkling clean.



My Favorite Cleaning Solutions

My Favorite Cleaning Solutions

Being on a golf course for an entire day is bound to take its toll on your golf equipment and your clothes. I know it very well because it is not unusual for me to spend my weekends in this very pleasant manner. Besides getting a good workout, I get to enjoy my favorite sport. After that comes the not so nice part, which involves cleaning my clubs, my clothes, and my footwear. Bringing home mud from the golf course is not high on my list, no matter how much I love golfing. So, as you can easily imagine, I have become a bit of an expert at cleaning.


As far as my golf clubs are concerned, I think that a mild dish washing soap and warm water does the job just fine. Using a brush to get into all the grooves and making sure that there is no caked in mud remaining there has proved to be very efficient time and time again. However, from the conversations on the topic I have had over the years with other fellow golfers, I discovered that there are some solutions that work just fine.

For instance, the Simple Green is a great all-purpose cleaner that I use around the house, and, sometimes, when I find that my golf clubs are particularly dirty, for cleaning my equipment, as well. What I appreciate most about this cleaning solution is that, besides being highly efficient, it is also eco-friendly, so I do not have to worry about a lot of chemicals being thrown down the drain.


Some of my friends also use the Bar Keeper’s Friend, which is another all-purpose cleaning solution that works wonders on all kinds of surfaces. I used it, as well, and I am quite pleased with the results so far. However, if I am given a choice, I guess that the Simple Green is the best of the two. And let’s not forget that if you do not have anything else at your disposal, the classic combination of soap and warm water will always do the trick. Of course, some scrubbing will be involved, but your golf clubs will be sparkling clean and ready to use the next time.


I like to keep a clean house, too, and there are many occasions when I use the same cleaner for all the surfaces in the house. The Fantastik is a well-known brand that I believe many people are using for daily cleaning, and I am one of the fans, hands down. I like that this one works for the bathroom, the kitchen and any surface that needs cleaning, such as walls and floors. This solution really kills germs and bacteria and leaves your home smelling nice.